It began as the collaboration of a creative family...

Scott Horton sitting in Blank Spaces Santa Monica with Marilyn Monopoly
Scott Horton sitting in Blank Spaces (Santa Monica) with his art piece, "Marilyn Monopoly"

As a lifelong artist, Scott Horton directed his creative talents to the technical world, becoming highly skilled in web and mobile design / development practices, and for over 25 years has designed and developed web, mobile, email, social media and branding solutions. Scott has directed efforts in marketing and product development, creating online solutions that focus on business operations, expansion, innovation, and outreach.

As the demand for video-based content for online promotion and marketing continues to expand, Scott has focused Dreamscolor Media's efforts on video production, editing, motion graphics and photography to create engaging commercial spots, as well as video for educational, instructional, and entertainment purposes.

Scott is also credited as Director of Photography for a recent short film and an upcoming web series, "The David Project". Additionally he has sold both his digital art and fine art internationally.

Robyn Horton
Robyn Horton, pictured with her photo art (center)

Robyn adds her expertise to the organization, serving clients with her creative photography, makeover and style consultations, having formerly taught in the beauty industry. She also works as a vision coach, providing personal support and direction to clients looking to improve their personal brand. Robyn has sold her popular "photo art" internationally.

Scott and Robyn have collaborated on each other's art for years. Their influence on one another and overlapping skills create a new level of creativity. Both are individually talented, but as they say, “It’s fun to be married to another creative soul; someone who can make you (and your work) better."

Alec James Horton, filming and at a photo shoot
Alec Horton, filming (left), and at photo shoot (top right)

The third team member is Alec Horton: a creative in his own right as the son of two highly artistic parents, he found himself fascinated with the creative industry. Alec began studying photography, film, broadcasting and marketing. He has played key roles in the production of various projects and his mastery of photography and videography shows. Alec has also led the production on a music video for a talented upcoming music artist. His creative eye (and demographic) adds another dimension to the collective talents of the team.

Creative Partnerships

Rico McClinton

Rico McClinton, currently a Director and Actor with 20+ years experience, has spent much of his career in front of the camera. During his acting years, he intently shadowed and was trained by mentors such as award winning directors, Peter Berg and Jesse Bochco. During this time Rico developed both passion and skill for directing and began after several years, training and directing actors in the industry.

His credits began as he produced a documentary film, "Blood Equity" with 3 time Super bowl winner Roman Phifer.

Rico was responsible for the directing of an award winning short "Clemency" and is currently tapped to direct a web series and a short musical.

James Kiriyama-Lem

James Kiriyama-Lem has spent over 37 years in the entertainment business primarily as an actor with credits in popular television shows such as "The West Wing", "ER", "Chuck", Cold Case", "CSI", "Gilmore Girls", and several feature films, "Malibu’s Most Wanted", "Magnolia", to name a few.

James has worked with award winning directors Paul Thomas Anderson, and Mike Mills as well as John Whitesell and several other well known directors in television and film that has helped to develop his talent as a director. He has directed and produced several music videos and short films. Currently, James is directing a new web series, "The David Project".

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